Prakriti Seller Guide Overview

Prakriti seller guides provides you a depth knowledge of our reselling module which allows users to resell our products and earn commissions.

Benefits for becoming a reseller

  1. Low Start-Up Costs: Starting a reselling business through a reseller program can be a low-cost way to start a business as you do not need to invest in creating products, developing a website or managing inventory.
  2. Access to Products: Resellers have access to high-quality products that they can sell to their customers, without having to invest in sourcing or creating the products themselves.
  3. Flexibility: Reselling allows for a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home, making it an attractive option for those who are looking for a work-from-home business opportunity.
  4. Income Generation: Reselling can provide a source of income for those who may not have the resources or experience to start their own business from scratch.
  5. Marketing Support: We offer marketing support, including access to product images, descriptions, and promotional materials.
  6. Business Support: We often provide resources and training to help resellers succeed, including access to webinars, customer service support and business advice.
  7. Commission-based Income: Resellers earn a commission on the products they sell, which means that their earning potential is directly related to their sales performance.
  8. Scalability: Reselling through a our program allows you to start small and scale your business as you grow, without the need for significant investment in inventory or equipment.
  9. Partner Support: Resellers can benefit from the support and expertise of the ecommerce website, which can help them to succeed and grow their businesses.
  10. Entrepreneurship: Reselling can be a rewarding way to start and run a business, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own bosses and control their own destiny.

How the program works

Enrolling in the program is easy . All you have to complete a few steps and you can easily onboard with us.

You have to sign up for the reseller program through our contact form and fill in the required details. Then you will be granted a separate Affiliate Id and based on sales commissions will be paid out on monthly basis.

Commission structure

The commission structure for two main categories in the website are groceries and Jewellery.

Groceries : All categories under grocery are available for sales and can be sold except the beverages.

Jewellery : All categories under Jewellery are available for sales and can be sold.

Training and Support

We provide complete support on onboarding process and provide training over how the platform works.

How to Sign up

Contact Us for Any questions

You can contact us for any queries any time through